Within the stillness is where


"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."  Hippocrates


Medicine Drum and Sound Healing for Women
7pm-815pm, 2020 date TBA

Come on a journey through the sense of sound.
At each gathering you will experience differing instruments of sound, "heard" through the body, that bring about a recalibration and balancing of your energy field.  Instruments used may include any of the following:  medicine drum, voice, rattles, Murali (Nepalese flute), tuning forks.
The evening is a chance to drop into the stillness that lies within, a chance to connect deeply to your inner truth through guided meditation, visualisation, and sound healing, with a collective intention to be in a place of healing resonance.

Sound affects our brain waves, nervous system, heart rate and respiration and the way we listen can shift the way we perceive and receive reality. Our intent shapes our experience with sound.
Dropping your mind into the deeply relaxing Alpha and even Theta brainwave frequencies help to return your body to it's natural rhythm of health and harmony.  You will feel deeply rested, peaceful and whole.
Making sound has many physiological benefits:  increased levels of oxygen; release of healing hormones (including melatonin, endorphins & nitric oxide); reduced levels of stress hormones.

Your body is an amazing healing system.
I invite you to feel the immediate benefits of relaxing, ancient & earth centred techniques & practices
that support your health and healing through all phases of your life as a woman.
REFLEXOLOGY - from Egyptian and Chinese medicine 
INDIAN HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE - from the Sages of India
REIKI - from Japan
Rest & relax in a safe space and reconnect to your body's inner wisdom where
I will support & encourage you to remember your authentic nature & innate healing ability, 
through ancient healing practices, ceremony, song & prayer.

I am passionate about living a life in harmony
with the natural world around me which means that I do not separate my physical health from my mental, emotional & spiritual aspects.  
Yes, I talk to the trees & daily give gratitude
for my blessed life,
always striving to be the best version of myself.

Blessings, Linda
┬ęDesired Harmony