The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Arvigo Therapy® provides an holistic approach to wellness which addresses the position & health of the pelvic & abdominal organs,
effectively alleviating tissue congestion & organ constriction by improving the functioning of the vital flow of energy, blood, lymph & nerve supply to the area.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® can assist with:

chronic digestive disorders, IBS
stress, post-trauma
menstrual complaints, PCOS, endometriosis
menopausal symptoms
fertility enhancement, discomfort of pregnancy, postpartum care,
post surgery (recovery, scar tissue), pelvic organ prolapse,
urinary frequency/infections, chronic constipation

What to expect in an arvigo® treatment

A comprehensive review of your personal health history and current health care needs. 

The abdominal massage is focused on aligning reproductive & abdominal organs as well as the evaluation & application of
structural alignment of the lumbar spine, sacrum & pelvis. 
The lower abdomen is massaged to return the uterus to it's optimal position restoring homeostasis in the pelvic area & surrounding organs.  
The upper abdomen is  given a deep, thorough massage to loosen the tight muscles around the diaphragm & stomach
& the arteries that feed the entire digestive system. 
Lymphatic massage is performed to assist the elimination of accumulated toxins.
The upper and lower spine are massaged & ligaments around the sacrum & coccyx are gently stretched.

You will be instructed in Self Care Home techniques to enhance your professional treatment session
as well as recommendations of complementary modalities, including:  castor oil packs; Bajos (Yoni steaming); nutritional &/or lifestyle education.

You will be draped appropriately throughout your massage.
Your underpants are left on and it is personal preference whether you keep your bra on or not, for ease and comfort of back massage.

I will pray for you and the use of copal (sacred Maya resin incense) and plant medicines may be used.

the arvigo techniques of maya abdominal therapy®

You have a fever/temperature have an abdominal or pelvic infection
Within the first 6 weeks after giving birth (following a normal vaginal delivery) or the first 3 months after a cesarean section
You have had recent abdominal surgery (within 3 months)
Cancer is suspected or present anywhere in the pelvis or you are receiving
 chemotherapy treatment
You have an abdominal aneurysm

Please advise your practitioner if you have an IUD coil, any abdominal mesh (from hernia repair) or other concerns that may affect you undertaking a Maya Abdominal Massage.

Ix Chel is the queen of all the Maya Goddesses.
She is the Ancient Maya Goddess of Medicine, childbirth, weaving & the moon.  
She watches over the sick, women in childbirth, newborns, healers & plants.  
Ix Chel is the guardian of the forest & queen of the forest spirits.  
The snake on her head signifies the is the goddess of medicine & intuitive knowledge.



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