A holistic therapy which brings about deep relaxation & feelings of peace, security & wellbeing.
 It can be safely used to support all other therapies bringing calmness & clarity, accelerates healing, dissolves energy blockages, releases emotional tension.

sound healing

In the hectic world we live in, we are bombarded daily with sensory overload from screens, noise pollution, mental stress, social commitments & the list goes on.  
This attributes to the stress in our lives & the detachment of our higher self, our truth, to all that is
& the infinite possibilities that await us.

Sound breaks past the barriers of our attachment to words and allows the energetic body to
balance through sound activation, attunement and recalibration.  
Tools used include:  voice, instruments, drum, & rattles, incense and prayer. 

 energetic clearing/balancing

Energy is all around us & we are infused with that same energy.
However, we have been taught not to listen to our body's messages &/or feelings, but instead to what we think and what people say.

With respect & honouring of your personalspiritual practises & beliefs,
I use specific & intuitive healing processes to clear/balance blockages in the energetic body.

"You did not come into this world.
You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  
You are not a stranger here."  
Alan Watts

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