Each of these ancient & time-tested techniques restore & reconnect you back into harmony, honouring & remembering your oneness in nature.


This therapy represents an unbroken chain of knowledge handed down from generation to generation of midwives, healers & shamans & I am extremely honoured to be a practitioner in the lineage of this powerful yet humbling work.
ATMAT® incorporates an holistic approach to wellness which originates in the therapeutic cultural system of the ancient Maya practice of abdominal massage.  
This unique massage therapy has been brought to the West by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, who developed these techniques in
combination with her extensive background in traditional healing methods & decades of living & studying with the renowned
Maya shaman of Belize, Don Elijio Panti & Miss Hortense Robinson, a gifted Belizean healer & midwife.

Dr Rosita Arvigo & Don Elijio Panti

Arvigo Therapy® addresses the position & health of the pelvic & abdominal organs,
effectively alleviating tissue congestion & organ constriction by improving the functioning of the vital flow of energy, blood, lymph & nerve supply to the area.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® can assist with:

chronic digestive disorders, IBS
stress, post-trauma
menstrual complaints, PCOS, endometriosis
menopausal symptoms
fertility enhancement, discomfort of pregnancy, postpartum care,
post surgery (recovery, scar tissue), pelvic organ prolapse,
urinary frequency/infections, chronic constipation

initial consultation

40 mins  $80
Mandatory before your First Abdominal Massage.  
We will discuss your symptoms and health concerns, supportive modalities and
how your treatment protocol will proceed.
(In person at Whale Beach or Via phone/video call)

follow up treatment

1 HOUR & 15mins $100
(Includes instruction/revision of Self Care massage)

prepaid package

2 x 1 HOUR & 15 mins  $180
(follow up treatments only)

pregnancy massage

1 HOUR & 30 mins  $120
(Includes instruction of Self Care massage)

bajos/yoni steam

40 MINS  $45
(as an add-on to initial or follow up treatment $35)

"I feel so blessed to have done a series of Mayan healing massages with Linda - she's professional,
thoughtful and heart-based.  
Linda provides a beautiful service.  I felt so relaxed and still at the end of every session
and I know my whole system loved it!"
- Jocelyn, Wahroonga -

"After many months struggling to conceive, we fell pregnant with our first baby and
I believe it is very much thanks to the work Linda put into shift energies in my womb.
I know if it was not for her care, spiritual connection and power,
we would not be here today.
A big heartfelt thank you for her beautiful treatment"
- Darya, Consultant -

For more detailed information on The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® please go to


Reflexology is an ancient healing treatment based on the principle that all organs, glands, muscles, systems & energy channels throughout the body have corresponding reflex points on the feet, hands, face & ears.  
When these reflex points are stimulated by specific massage techniques, nerve pathways allow free flowing energy, for 'desired harmony' &balance.

Reflexology addresses the physical, emotional & spiritual aspects of our being, supporting the body in it's process of self-healing &
maintaining the balance that leads to great health.  It has been well documented for stress reducing benefits
encouraging a profound state of relaxation, increase in blood circulation & restoring the body's equilibrium.

relax & restore

Fundamental Reflexology
45 MINS $65   |   1 HOUR $85

state of bliss

Reflexology + Indian Head Massage
1 HOUR & 30 MINS $120

therapeutic program

3 x 1 hour Reflexology treatments $200* (save $55)
*To be used within 1 month of 1st treatment date
*($85 payable at 1st treatment, $115 payable at 2nd treatment)

pregnancy reflexology

1 HOUR $85


(For busy people & children over 10)
30 MINS $45

chilled out child

(For 2-10 year olds)
15 MINS $20

student stress buster

(For 10-18 year olds)
45 MINS $50


"After undergoing a preventative double mastectomy,
Linda treated me 3 days post op & again twice more the following week.  
I am certain that the treatments I received helped me recover much sooner than expected &
I was
able to stop ALL pain medication
only 1 week after such major surgery.  

Not only did reflexology assist with pain reduction, but
I quickly regained an overall feeling of wellness & calm."
- Daniela, Flight Attendant -

As women, when we are centred in the belly,
we are able to respond more quickly & effectively to life's 
spontaneous challenges that we face on a daily basis.  It is our energetic centre & the core of our intuitive intelligence.


A traditional Indian massage technique originating from the ancient Ayurvedic approach to health & promotion of long life,
using over 60 different massage strokes, acupressure points, lymphatic drainage & energy balancing techniques, to balance body, mind & spirit.

This extremely relaxing massage has a soothing & balancing effect on the nervous system, releasing stress & tension
creating a sense of peace & well being.  This effective non-invasive technique is performed over clothes, in a seated position
where the effects are felt both physically & in the subtle energetic layers of the body.

indian head massage 

Indian Head Massage
30 min $45  |  45 MIN $65

student stress buster

(For 10-18 year olds)
45 MINS $50

state of bliss

Indian Head Massage + Reflexology
1 HOUR & 30 MINS $120


"Linda is a real find, she has the combination of creating an immediate impact as well as a lasting positive effect - not an easy combination to find. For anyone experiencing stress, I cannot encourage you enough to make an appointment with Linda.  Her intuitive messages and desire to go above and beyond to offer tips and advice to manage stress and pain is incomparable, this is what creates that lasting effect. Linda's healing gift is extraordinary and you will not find a more genuine, caring, thoughtful and professional therapist."
- Gareth, Co-founder, Mental Wheels Foundation -


Our bodies are not merely machines, but living carriers of our journeying souls.  Our traumas, heartbreaks and grief become part of our physical makeup and must be acknowledged and healed before healing can occur.
It is when we create time to sit in the stillness of our inner world, where we are able to BE; to experience the sweetness of our potential & the part we play in the orchestra of life.

Most of us are familiar with looking after our physical and psychological wellbeing. However, most of us are not aware that the spiritual dimension has a large impact on us.  
You may be aware of someone who has had a chronic medical condition that can be controlled with modern medicine but the root cause not found.  If this is the case, often it's cause can be spiritual in nature.
Looking after our spiritual wellbeing is key to leading a happy and meaningful life.

This offering is to help you begin to feel more in charge of your life, to accept, forgive, thank and love every aspect of yourself, 
and the willingness to let go of what no longer serves you.

what to expect in an energetic healing session?

A sacred & safe space is created with focussed intention, harnessing the natural & unseen world as an ally, where I will gently guide you to a place of inner stillness, through drumming and/or sacred song.
 It is within this stillness where we can listen intently for what is alive & bubbling under the surface & able to expand & enrich our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual way of being.
This process can serve purely as a release without the need to attach conscious expression
through questioning or words, instead a simply to acknowledge,
surrender & release with love & grace.

healing session

$85 per hour

Through a bespoke blend of ancient healing methods & ritual you will be offered a full sensory & healing experience combining any of the following:
Maya Spiritual healing, reiki, energy clearing & balancing, & sound healing through channelled song and/or medicine drum.

"The treatments I had with Linda met my need for a safe place and practitioner competence to hold such space for me to express long held grief.
I loved Linda's ability to hold the space and to be a pure vehicle for what needed to come through.  
Linda's delivery is real and authentic, true to the heritage of the work.  
My experience was life changing, enhancing and an answer to my prayer.  
I would recommend treatment by Linda for anyone who needs a competent spiritual healer
who practices with integrity and strength.  Namaste."
- Jo, Yoga Therapist and Teacher -


bajos - 40mins  $45

Bajos ("ba-hoes") is used to assist in the cleansing o f the uterus by the way of sitting over a pot of steaming, healing herbs which enter the vaginal cavity, cervix & uterus.  
Indigenous to many cultures around the world, they are used in the treatment of many female conditions including:  menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, effects of menopause, fertility challenges, IVF implantation, emotional & spiritual cleansing.
Bajos also allow a woman the space & time to reconnect with her body through relaxation, intention & contemplation.


faja - $25 each

A faja (fa-ha) is a cloth band worn around the hips to support the pelvis & stabilise the uterus & surrounding organs.  
It helps give support  to women during times of heavy physical and emotion demands, especially during pregnancy.

organic castor oil

A topical application for the treatment of cysts, fibroids, congestion, scar tissue, skin conditions & much more.
The regular use of topical castor oil has been shown to activate the lymphatic system and increase liver activity, thereby improving circulation and immune function .

Available for purchase at Ahara Health, Newport Beach, NSW, 2107
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